PIRBRIGHT ART CLUB - Lord Pirbright’s Hall, Pirbright, Surrey GU24 0JE
(NB. New schedule and times from September 2020)

Watercolour Plus! Group - 2nd Thursday of each month

2 x sessions: 12.45pm - 2.45  &  3pm - 5pm  


Thursday Group - 3rd Thursday of each month 
2 x sessions: 12.45pm - 2.45   &  3pm - 5pm 
New Thursday Groups - 4th Thursday of each month 
(to replace original Monday Drawing Group & Tuesday Group)
2 x sessions: 

12.45 - 2.45pm - Drawing Group - various drawing media
3.15 - 6pm - Experienced & Professional Group - all media 

NB. Pre-booking is now essential for each meeting - there is a

maximum of 12 places in each time-slot, to ensure that social

distancing rules can be adhered to and so that each member

has an individual table. All meetings will take now place in

the Main Hall. 


FRIDAY CLASS - Lord Pirbright's Hall, Pirbright, Surrey 

10am - 12.30pm - This is a structured class designed for intermediate and advanced students. Projects aim to stretch the skills and imagination of each artist, using various media. Previously there have been  3 terms with 10/11 x week courses in Spring, Summer & Autumn term. During the period of lockdown, when the class was run via WhatsApp and email - we have been working in Sets of 5 x classes which run consecutively.  This has suited the project-based format of the class and will continue once 'live' classes resume at the end of June.

There will be a limit of 12 attendance places each Friday, when we re=open in Summer 2021, to ensure social distancing and allow each person to have their own table. Some class members may prefer to continue to work from home, via WhatsApp, sending photos of their work-in-progress for critique and advice as we have been doing during the lockdown.