PIRBRIGHT ART CLUB was 21 years old in 2020! Many of the founder members are still taking an active part in the club meetings, events and exhibitions. Started in 1999 by artist and tutor Maggie Read, as a way of continuing art sessions during the long breaks between Adult Education terms, it has become a thriving and successful club. We have a reputation for excellence for the quality and presentation of the work on show at our annual exhibitions.

Pirbright Art Club's 2020 Virtual Annual Exhibition was held during December 2020. The exhibition was very successful and a number of sales were made. Although the exhibition is officially finished, most of the exhibition can still be seen on the Club's website - click here to move to Pirbright Art Club's Exhibitions page.

We attract a wide range of artists, from beginners to professionals, through our website, Facebook page and via Maggie’s art classes, workshops and demonstrations and, of course, by word-of-mouth! There are now four separate groups in the club, each meeting for drawing and painting sessions once a month. Members of all groups come together at our exhibitions, outdoor summer painting days and annual social events. Contact Maggie to find out about joining:   

For further information on Pirbright Art Club, click here.